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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer for Your Small Business

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Business, Web Design | 0 comments

Having a website is one of the most important things to do for your business.
It is also very easy to build one yourself using online tools like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.
However, it takes more than just creating a pretty looking site to get customers on board.,
Here are 3 things you should consider before hiring a web designer:

How many times do you hire someone to do work for you and it just doesn’t come out the way that you envisioned?  In order to have a clear path for the web designer to follow your vision, there are 3 main things that you must have prepared.  

1. Define your target audience

The old saying is ‘if you are marketing to everybody, you are marketing to nobody” 

 It is so true.  Everyone has a completely different perspective, background, wants, needs.  If I’m selling to everyone, then I have just as many ways to market to them?  Do they like bright colors?  Are they distracted easily?  Is their name Sally?  Creating a customer profile (or persona) allows you to create your website in such a way to get their attention?  Actually being able to create a profile for your ideal customer makes decision-making SO much easier.  

2. How your business fills their need or want

How should you market to them? What will get their attention?  Where do they hang out?  What is their work-life like?  Their home life?  Do they have kids? What is their marital status?  Do they like to read long intricate blogs or are they skimming on social media?  

Are they are a working mom who is checking their email and social media while waiting for their kids to finish soccer practice?  In the age of Covid, are they extremely busy with building their own business and juggling 2 kids doing distance learning?  Do they have support at home?  How do they relax?  What is their income?  

How does your product make them feel? Good?  Powerful?  Calm? Accomplished? On top of things? Does your service give your customer time back in their busy schedule?  Does it help them relax at the end of their working day?  Are they more productive? 

Will they get more done? Do they learn something they needed to learn but never had the time?  Do they get to brag on Instagram to make their friends and family jealous?  Do they have higher social status after using the product?  

3. Why are you different

What makes you different than anyone else who has a similar product or service? What separates your business from being a commodity that is just the same as your competitors?  

  Is it you as an individual?  Are you more resourceful?  Do you have certain training that the customer doesn’t have?  Is it a personality trait?  Are you more patient?  Do you get to the crux of the problem faster than anyone else?  

Do you organize shelves in such a way that lasts longer than other organizers?  Do you forge a solid working relationship with their customer and give a personal touch to everything that you do?  Is your product vegan?  Is it environmentally friendly?  Is it organic?  Is it softer than anything else on the market?  Is your product ‘cooler’ than anyone else’s?  Do you know secret recipes handed down from generations that your grandmother only taught you?  Does everyone want to know your secret?  

Have you always had an eye for photography?  Do your pictures capture personalities other than just being a cute photo?  Do your strategies help a certain market?  Does your accountability personality get people motivated as no one else does? 

I know we’re all busy and want to get the fun part of choosing colors and fonts, but taking the time to reflect on these 3 items goes a LONG way to get the website of your dreams that works as hard for you as it can be. 

1.  Defining your ideal customer

2.  How your product fills their need or want

3.  Why you are different from anyone else on the market

Having these items at the ready will create a better conversation with your web designer.  Reflecting and adjusting as necessary makes the path to a better website clearer. 

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