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Effective websites should be and are available to all women entrepreneurs. Savvy Web Woman (SWW) demystifies web design & technology through an easy to understand step by step process.

The value of your business is you.  Your website needs to reflect that.  You deserve someone who will take the time to understand a customer’s business. SWW draws from their deep knowledge and continual education to provide insights and opportunities to grow your online business. 

The things I love

Clean, feminine websites

What Others Say

Tricia Bovell and I share the same “language” (our philosophies, ethics, our experiences working for Fortune 100 companies, etc.) so it’s very easy to communicate. But, we’re different in the sense that she’s more analytical and calm (Math major) so she balances out my entrepreneurial craziness. I think about what’s possible and she thinks about how to make it possible!
Clementine C

Owner, Cool Science, Inc!

My story


Growing up Geek

I always loved working with computers as soon as I was introduced to them when I was in Middle School. My math class had a field trip to Radio Shack to learn how to use these new machines. I was hooked!


Started Supporting Websites

Started at IBM as a website administrator, learning how websites and the internet works.


Team Leader

Discovered I had a talent for translating highly technical issues in a clear, concise manner that non-technical people could understand. Due to this skill, I worked my way up the chain to become the team leader of 150 global team supporting the largest websites that IBM held.



As with a lot of large corporations, my technical team was fully moved overseas. At the end, it was just my manager and I left in the US. The stress was so high in a 24x7x365 support environment, it was a relief when layoffs came.


First start as an Entrepreneur

I started Vell Group, a project consulting company with my husband. I was so burned out on technology, I just needed to do anything but. As time went on, I started playing with WordPress and building our own website. My love for technology was rekindled!



The more I met other people, the more I discovered that the assumed basic knowledge for men was a lot higher than the assumed basic knowledge for women. Women entrepreneurs were talked down to or worked with techies who did not want to share their knowledge. So due to life changes, I rebranded myself as a web design agency.


Where I am now

I redesigned my own website (isn’t it pretty?!?). Now I help women entrepreneurs not only have a great looking website but that it works as a living document that doesn’t just ‘sit’ out on the web.

Let's work together!

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